Weaving Tea Party

A while back a friend of mine was hosting a mother/daughter tea party

It was a fundraiser featuring beautiful food and all kinds of things to make and do, and she asked me to make up some weaving kits for the party.


I decided that my grey cardboard looms weren't pretty enough for her tea party.

So I painted the little looms white.

She needed 40 looms, but I was my usual self and made about 100 more than that.

 I discovered that sliding a straw under the warp threads made the string nice and tight, and made it easier to weave with too. So I bought a bunch of fun party straws and cut them to size. - Paper straws  😊 no plastic straws for me. -

I sent the weaving kits off, and they had a wonderful party filled with crafts, food, and fun.

And I had 100 pretty little looms left over.

I decided to have a tea party of my own

My daughter was all grown up, which was bad enough, but she was off at college too.

So I had to recruit some little weavers nearby.

Next door to be exact. 

I baked some cookies... nothing too messy, we were going to be weaving you know.

And brought over some looms, yarn and extra special cups and saucers I picked up at the thrift store.

My neighbor invited a friend and her girls. We all got dressed up and had a bunch of fun weaving and tea partying.

Who says tea parties are just for girls... they involve food! Big brother had some fun at the party too.

Weaving is almost as fun as eating.

Would you like to have a weaving party of your own?

Click here to see my weaving kits for kids! 

Each kit comes with online video lessons I made just for kids.