Save Those Bottle-Caps - They're the base for these pretty DIY poinsettias!

My Barbie drank her milkshakes from a toothpaste cap.

And later I used bottle caps to make pins to wear.

Now that I'm all grown up, I'm much more sophisticated and use caps as the base for flowers. It's doggone easy and I'll show you how to do it.

The first thing to do is save a bunch of caps - scavenging trash cans is perfectly normal behavior.

I saved a jarfull, but you only need 15 or twenty to make this project.

bottle caps to upcycle

When you've got your caps saved up, your ready to start.

This project is an addition to my original bottle caps tutorial:

 Flowers From Bottle Caps 

It's a video series that guides you through all of the steps in making a flower garland. The course shows you how to make a sunflower pendant and garland - these poinsettias are a variation of the garland.


How to make the paper poinsettias

First, I cut out a bunch of circles, using a drinking glass for tracing a circle shape.

flowers cut out - -circle


I made a template for the petals.

flower template


Then I cut out the petals.

template cut out for petals


poinsettia petals cut out


After I put the flower together, I decided that those little pom-pom centers needed some red.

So I got out my watercolors.

I thought they’d give a nice, soft, blushy effect.

 painting poinsettia


Then came my accident - which turned into a big new idea!

As I was painting little dabs of paint on the poms-poms, I dribbled some of the watercolor onto the tissue petals.

Hmmm…. at first I thought I’d toss that flower, but then as it dried, I noticed the stain gave the flower a subtle, natural look.

Since I’m such a bold gal (and I love to get side-tracked), I decided to paint all of the flowers. Then when they dried, I got even more side-tracked.

Watch the video to see what I did.



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