Paint and Weave a Bunting


This weaving project is two bunting-banners in one because it’s reversible,

with hearts on one side…

woven hearts bunting

 and suns on the other!

woven suns bunting


Making the Bunting

After making my painted and woven wall hanging, I thought it’d be fun to try the same idea on a bunting. 

You can use any frame loom, I used the Lucy Loom, an acrylic loom with  four notches per inch.

Little Tapestry Loom


Watch this video to see how I prepared the fabric and painted the hearts.

It’s from my previous post, which has links to all of the materials.

For this project, I ironed muslin to both sides of the fusible interfacing.

I painted hearts on one side, let it dry, then painted suns on the reverse side.

woven bunting

After the suns dried, I trimmed the edges and cut the rectangles into strips. Diagonal cuts make it more interesting. We don’t want boring bunting!

woven bunting
woven bunting
woven bunting

Then I wove the painted strips into the warp. The warp is the verticle threads wound onto the loom.

woven bunting
woven bunting

The next step was to cut it off the loom. I cut straight through the middle of the warp.

woven bunting
woven bunting

I took away the little loom, being careful to keep the weaving intact.

woven bunting

Then I tied up the warp threads and trimmed the ends.

woven bunting

The strips could slide out of the warp, so I sewed around all four sides, using the zig-zag stitch because I love zig-zags. No sewing machine? No problem, just sew it by hand, and you could probably get away with just sewing down the warp threads on the top and the bottom.

Or you could use this as a good excuse to go out and get a sewing machine. Sounds good to me!

woven bunting

After sewing the edges, I trimmed up all the sides and strung twine through the warp threads. It’s the same twine I used in the Easy DIY Wall Hanging.

how to weave a bunting
hear woven bunting finished with string

Here’s the finished bunting, heart side out!

woven bunting

And sunny-side up!

woven bunting

I didn’t want every square to be a perfect square, I like a little bit of a disheveled look. You can make your squares match perfectly if you want… there are no rules, that would ruin all the fun.

Do you have a rather extensive fabric stash...

instead of sewing - how about weaving some of it up. 

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Course Series Weaving With Fabric


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DIY easy to weave bunting