Some people say they don't have a creative bone in their body.

Well, no one does since creativity comes from the brain. 

Everyone is creative. Some people just haven't had the chance to show it.

Were you one of those kids who always had to touch everything?    Me too.

Yarn, fabric, beads, and buttons have always been my favorite art supplies. You're supposed to touch them! I've got a basket of buttons by my couch, all ready to play with any time I need a little zoning out.

I grew up sewing, crafting and all that sort of thing.

It was a great big family, a great big messy house, and the most fun. If you'd like to read about it go to these posts-

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When I got to college, for some reason, I just knew I had to try out weaving. I felt so at home in the weaving class, I never left. I want to help you find your path, what makes you feel at home with weaving.

I remember a story I once read in which a young Navajo girl had been blissfully weaving a rug for hours, she described her thoughts as being everywhere... and nowhere. That's exactly what weaving is like to me. Whether on a big floor loom or a simple lap loom, the beating rhythm is meditative and calming. You can't help but slow down and relax.

I want to help you find your creative happy place.

When I taught weaving in community college, people would tell me they wanted to learn, but what would the cost be, just to give it a try? It would be great to learn in a fully equipped studio like I did back in college, but since that probably isn't an option, I can help you get started in an easy, simple way. 


How to get started weaving now

weaving courses 

weaving book
weaving terms
I do need to warn you, weaving is addictive.
And you'll want to try out basketry, dyeing, embroidery, sewing...
You most probably will fall into the black hole of fiber arts,
but that's okay, I'll be there too!
I've been a teacher for over 30 years, and a weaver even longer. I studied weaving in college, and have a Masters in Art Ed. I've taught all ages to weave, from kindergarteners to adults. Come along and let me teach you, too!
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