How to Frame Your Weaving


Our weavings look beautiful hung on a rod, but

Have you ever thought of framing your weaving?

It’s a great way to hide uneven edges!

Framing your weaving gives it a finished look, and presents it as a work of art… which of course it is.

It’s best to use a frame that has an extra-wide depth so your weaving can fit in. Here’s the one I used.

Think about all the things you could put in a frame. Tapestries, leftover scraps that are too nice to toss, or you can do what I did here. I framed one of my little fabric weavings made on my book loom.

Click here to get your free pdf on how to turn a book into a loom. In it I take you all the way through your first project.

Come with me, and I’ll show you how I put this project together from start to finish.

If you only want to view the framing steps, just scroll down a bit. 

Here’s the fabric I chose to weave with, I just love gingham and polka dots.


Next step is to tear the fabric into strips and warp the loom.

(You can learn to warp a loom inside the pdf, Turn a Book Into a Loom.Click here to get your free copy!


Now I’m done with the weaving, and it’s ready for some extra embellishment.


I took the weaving off the loom and tied the warp threads.

I left the warp threads long, you’ll see why later.

Then I added some embroidery.


 Time to trim up the edges.

I sewed the strips into place. Even if the piece will be framed, I still want everything intact.


I laid the back insert of the frame on top of the back side of the weaving.


The center warp threads were tied first.


Then I tied one-half of the warp threads.


Things were getting messy, so I trimmed off the knots.


And then I did the same thing on the other half of the warp.


All tied up and pretty as a picture!

Sort of…


…notice how the edge of the frame’s back shows?


We don’t want that!

So I got some strong cotton crochet thread and sewed it through the edges of the weaving.

Then I tied it tight on the back side.

And now I do believe it is pretty as a picture and ready to set inside the frame.

And there you go!

I like the Blick Spectrum Frame because it can be hung on the wall, or just set on a table or desk.


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