Weave a Sweet Little Purse

Want to learn to weave, but don’t have a loom yet? You can make this on a loom made from a book, and sew it up without a sewing machine. I take you through each step in my video tutorial.

Here are the basic steps:

Weaving the fabric strips.

Finishing up the edges of the weaving.

Sewing on the zipper. It’s easy to do it by hand-stitching!

Almost done... don’t keep yourself in such suspense…. just watch the video!

Looks like fun, huh?   Well, it is…

Watch the video now, and share it with anybody else you think would like it!

Here’s a guide to what’s  where inside the tutorial:

What you need:  1:14

Warping the loom:  3:00

Begin to weave:  6:51

Take off the loom:  14:19

Trim up all the edges:  15:25

Zipper:  18:00

Sew the edges:  20:54

Pressing:  22:47

Adding the bead: 23:15

Since zippers can be a bit baffling for beginners, I made a shorter tutorial that just has the zipper part.


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warp, weft, dent, what does it mean?

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