Recycle a Skirt- Weaving on a Little Loom

Weave a Sweet Little Wall Hanging

I just can't throw out my old clothes. 

One- Because I remember all the fun things I did in them.

Two- I hate to think they're going to a landfill when they can still be used for something or other. 

Lots of my worn out clothes go to the something-or-other-piles: rags, or maybe rag rugs. 

But this skirt was just too soft and pretty for that. So I turned it into a little wall hanging. I love tiny hangings like this one, there's always some little nook it will fit in!

Upcycled handwoven wall hanging- blue


In this video series, I'll show you how I prepare the skirt for weaving, weave the fabric strips, add the beads, and finish it up for hanging.

I'll upload one lesson a week for about a month, so subscribe to my YouTube channel, and you'll be the first to know when the next lesson is ready for you.

Prepare the skirt for weaving


Warp the Loom

Twine the bottom of the weaving

Start weaving!

Finish the weaving and twine the top


 Take it off the loom

Sew on the Beads- and We're Done!

Click here to see the Big Eye beading needle on the Rio Grande website, as mentioned in Part 7, Sewing on Beads.

Want to learn to weave with fabric? 

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