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Upcycle Bottle Caps - Make a Sunflower Wreath!

Here's a fun project for summer, and you can use up those bottle cap lids that sometimes can't be recycled.

With a little green felt, yellow tissue, and brown pom-poms you can make sunflowers from bottle caps. Any cap will work, I used caps from water bottles.


Here's What you'll need.

 Make the petals and leaves.

Make the Sunflower Wreath.

More Wreath Ideas.

You’ll have a lot of fun combining colors, and using up all those little scraps of tissue you just can’t throw away!

tissue paper flowers made from bottle cap base

I found some neat elastic at JoAnn’s, it folds over, which we don’t need, but it comes in this wonderful green, which we do need.

How About Making a Sunflower Pendant with the Bottle Caps?


You Can Make Magnets or Bulletin Board Pins with the Sunflowers!

 Here's another way to upcycle - 

I'm all about weaving here - so I'd love to get you started weaving. You can turn a book into a loom and use any yarn on hand to give weaving a try.
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