DIY a Little Loom - No Tools Needed!

Yes, I know I sell little looms, but I mostly want to show you how much weaving can enrich your life. It's meditating rhythm calms your spirit.

You probably have everything you need right now!

Here's the list of supplies:

  • Hardbound book - at least 5 inches wide and 8 inches long
  • Transparent tape
  • Large tapestry needle - #13
  • Smooth, strong yarn
  • Scissors
  • Paper and printer to make the loom template
  • Two pencils
  • Painter’s tape (optional)

Click here to get your free loom template.

 There are two parts to the tutorials - this one shows you how to make the loom.


This one shows you how to wind the warp.


Coming soon - A New Course

  • Perfect for beginners  You can use any loom, including your new book loom to make the projects in this course.
  • In fact, it features the book loom in lots of the lessons!
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