Little Loom Companion

I have been working on a lap loom but I found the instructions with the loom on various weaving patterns not so good - got to the point of vertical stripes and just couldn't figure out the concept and by looking at your book I now know what I have done wrong - so I corrected my mistake and proceeded with the pattern.  I think your book is just wonderful - pictures are great and the explanations are very clear. I now feel confident to carry on. 

Susan Thompson

Annie Loom

It's very good quality. I love it very much I just love the smell of the wood as well!

Catlin W.

Tiny Little Loom Kits

I just love that little tiny loom plus all the yarn and needles, etc.  I have to say your packaging on everything I bought has been so much fun to open. All so well done. Trust me, no one does it better.  

Denise Shortway

Weaving Accessories

This company comes from a lady after my own heart... one who loves her craft and enjoys teaching others how to do it. Also the way this order was processed is so classy.

Ro McDonald