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Slow down and make it with love.

The rhythm of weaving calms your soul - come join my world of slow art and meditation at the loom.

Tiny Loom Kits

Possibly the tiniest loom in the universe. You can tuck it in your purse and be ready to weave any old time you want to. 

Make a Pendant

Learn the ancient art of coiling - it's easy with my kits because I show you how with detailed video tutorials.

Lucy Jennings

I hope to bring the joy of nature and creating from my studio to yours.


Weaving Doodles

I love all aspects of weaving, from technical to simple. It's fun to have a technical challenge - but sometimes it's nice to chill out and weave with abandon.

That's what this course is all about, weaving to relax - as meditation.

No worries about rules. Weaving spontaneously and seeing where that takes you.

Beginners are welcome!

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