Weaving Doodles Course

Weaving Doodles Course


Are you a doodler? 

I am, I listen better at meetings when I've got a pencil and paper to draw on. 

I love all aspects of weaving, from technical to simple. It's fun to have a technical challenge - but sometimes it's nice to chill out and weave with abandon.

That's what this course is all about, weaving to relax - as meditation. No worries about rules. Weaving spontaneously and seeing where that takes you.

Beginners are welcome!

What you'll learn:

  • How to weave simple shapes
  • How to mix different fibers  
  • How to outline each shape by twining
  • How to take the piece off your loom and tie a branch on for hanging

What you need:

How does the course work?

  • Go through the lessons on your own time, work at your own pace. The course will be yours to keep. 


weaving doodles on loom

finishing back of weaving piece

weaving doodles tying on branch

Click here to get your Annie Loom Kit. (does not include yarn)

Small wooden loom kit


Click here to see the mini skeins collection.

mini yarn skeins





Student Reviews


I have started watching the course. Very nicely done. I purchased the loom and cactus yarn as Christmas presents for myself. Will make this project after the holidays. All her tutorials are well done and easy to follow. Items received by mail are a treat to open.

Cheryl Lord