Learn to Weave Vertical Stripes on a Little Loom

How to Weave Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are fun to weave, when you use just two colors it's called a pick and pick weave

little weaving with vertical stripes, text says learn to weave vertical stripes

I'm using my Lucy Loom, click here to get one for yourself!

If you've never woven before go here, for the first lesson: 

Getting Started Weaving

Weaving Pick and Pick

Weaving pick and pick on a small loom means the edges are going to demand a bit of care. We want to keep them as neat as possible. 

  Here I wove a few rows of color A as a base.

  Weave 1 row of color B.

  Just as in weaving horizontal stripes, be sure to loop color A around color B

begin to weave a vertical stripe 

  Weave 1 row color A.

vertical weave, 1 row color A

  Weave 1 row color B.

Weave one row of color B

  Repeat this pattern, and you’ll see a vertical stripe emerge. Just keep it up for as long as you want your stripe to be.

Tapestry weaving pick and pick stripes

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beginner's weaving book by lucy Jennings

Here’s something fun to try.

  Weave 2 rows of color B.

  Weave 1 row of color A.

  Repeat the pattern, and you’ll see the vertical stripe switch on the warp ends. I finished my piece with color B to balance the design.

Vertical stripes, change positions of stripes

Once you master weaving pick and pick vertical stripes, weaving a checkerboard will be easy!

Continue to checkerboards.

How to weave a checkerboard

Hey there new weavers!

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