Little Loom Companion

If you're just learning to weave, here's the book for you. I guide you through all of the basic weaving techniques- from super easy to things that take a little practice.

After going through all the lessons, you'll have a solid foundation in weaving, and the confidence to dream up all kinds of new projects!

I made it small so you can easily slip it into your loom bag, and have it for reference any time you need it.

It's a great addition to any loom kit, so if you're already buying one of my kits, go check out the discount you'll get on the book if you purchase it inside the kit. 

Here's what's inside:

44 pages with detailed photos to guide you.


Begin to Weave     

Horizontal Stripes     

Vertical Stripes     






Rya Knots     

Cutting it off the loom

Finishing it up and preparing it to hang

I hope it brings you hours of happy weaving!


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