Learn to Make Rya Knots on a Little Loom

How to Weave Rya Knots

Rya knots can be woven as a fringe, or if you pack them in densely, you’ll get a pile weave. Pile weave is like a velvety-soft, shaggy rug. I use two colors to help you understand the process, but you can use one color for both the knots and the rows you weave.

handwoven wall hanging with rya knots

Let's get Started with Rya Knots

Weave several rows of color A.

Cut several strands of color B, about 5 inches long.

Loop a strand around 2 warp threads, then bring the ends of the strand up between the warp threads.

making a rya knot

rya knot on the loom


Make several rya knots across the web (your weaving).

Pack the knots down onto the weaving.

rya knots along a weaving row


Weave 2 rows of color A on top of the rya knots.

weaving over rya knots


Make another row of knots and this time place them between the previous row of knots.

two rows of rya knots


Off-setting the knots from the previous row creates a dense pile. Repeat this process as much as you like- your entire piece could be rya knots.   

dense rya knots on the loom

Or you can stop at just one row of knots if you want a simple fringe on your weaving. This little weaving has a couple of rows of rya knots at the bottom.

little pink wall hanging using rya knots

This is part one in my tutorials about pile weaves,

in part two I'll show you how to make the rya knots look shaggy for some fun texture!

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shaggy rya


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