How to Weave Vertical Stripes on a Frame Loom

How to Weave Vertical Stripes on a Frame Loom

Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are fun to weave, when you use just two colors it's called a pick and pick weave

Weaving pick and pick on a small loom means the edges are going to demand a bit of care. We want to keep them as neat as possible.

Weaving Pick and Pick

  Here I wove a few rows of color A as a base.

  Weave 1 row of color B.

  Just as in weaving horizontal stripes, be sure to loop color A around color B

begin to weave a vertical stripe 

  Weave 1 row color A.

vertical weave, 1 row color A

  Weave 1 row color B.

Weave one row of color B

  Repeat this pattern, and you’ll see a vertical stripe emerge. Just keep it up for as long as you want your stripe to be.

Tapestry weaving pick and pick stripes

Here’s something fun to try.

  Weave 2 rows of color B.

  Weave 1 row of color A.

  Repeat the pattern, and you’ll see the vertical stripe switch on the warp ends. I finished my piece with color B to balance the design.

Vertical stripes, change positions of stripes

Once you master weaving pick and pick vertical stripes, checkerboards and dots will be easy!

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This post is part a series of tutorials in which I teach you the basics of weaving on a simple frame loom. The techniques can be done on any size loom.

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