How to Weave Dots on a Little Loom

How to Weave Dots on a Little Loom

Weaving Dots

Dots are created a lot like checkers, but with checkers you weave the same amount of each color. With dots you have a background color and a dot color.

If you don't know how to weave checkers go to my blog post:

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Let's Get Started Weaving Dots

In this project color A (yellow) is the background and color B (blue) makes the dots.

Weave several rows of color A, then weave 1 row of color B.

First row, how to weave dots 


Weave 1 row of color A

How to weave row 2, learn to weave dots


Weave 1 row of color B, making sure you loop around the color A strand.

How to weave with two yarns

How to weave dots on a little loom.  


Weave 4 rows of color A, and be sure to loop around color B to hide it inside the selvedge.

How to weave dots on a little loom


When you weave the next row with color B you’ll see that it’s offset from the first set of “dots.”

Weaving second set of dots.

Keep on Weaving!

You’ll weave the second set of dots the same way you did the first. Keep weaving this pattern until you’re satisfied. I think you need at least 5 repeats of the pattern to get the dotted effect, but have fun and see what works for you.

How to Weave Dots

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On my next blog post, I'll teach you how to weave diagonal patterns.

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This post is part a series of tutorials in which I teach you the basics of weaving on a simple frame loom. The techniques can be done on any size loom.

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