Learn to Weave a Circle on a Little Loom

Are you ready to weave a circle?

Circles are tricky to weave, so relax and have fun. If it doesn’t come out looking like a circle the first time, just call it a shape and give it another try. 😊

handwoven wall hanging with yellow background and orange circle

There are weavers who can weave a circle imagined in their head, but for the rest of us, we need a template. Download the circle template here.

Template to weave a circle shape

Tape the template to your loom.

How to weave a circle shape

Start Weaving 

Choose two colors of the same size yarn.

Weave section A with color A.

Weaving part A of circle shape

Weave section B with color A.

Weave part B of circle shape

Weave section C with color A.

Weave part C of circle shape

Weave the bottom half of section D with color B.

The loose strands in the middle of section D are where I ran out of orange yarn and started a new strand.

We’ll take care of the extra hanging yarn ends later.

Weave in bottom half of circle shape.

Weaving the top half of section D.

The top half will be woven the same as the bottom but in reverse.

Count the rows you wove on the straight edge of the circle.

Weaving a circle shape

When you weave the top half of the circle, weave the same amount of straight rows as you counted on the bottom half.

Then fill in the curved portion of the top half.

Weave the top half of the circle shape.

Now fill in sections E, F, and G with color A.

Weave the background of the circle shape.

All there is to do now is clean up the yarns! Just sew the ends into the web.

(Stay tuned, there's a blog post on finishing soon to come!)

 Circle shape on the little loom.

 Things to Consider

When you're weaving a circle, the sides are the most vulnerable. If you calculate wrong, the circle looks like it has ears. And the smaller the circle, the harder it is to weave. 

I wove this circle first but didn't like the way the sides of the circle came out, so I re-did it for this post. Now I'm not sure, I kinda like the original one, too!

 Woven circle


The more warp threads per inch, the finer the weave and the easier it is to weave intricate shapes. These were woven on the Lucy Loom that I sell, which has four warp threads per inch. If you'd like to weave a more intricate circle, the Annie Loom has eight warp threads per inch.

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Lucy Loom - 5 x 7 inches - Acrylic 

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5.5 x 10 inch wood loom


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tiny 2.5 x 3.5 inch wooden loom

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