How to Weave a Diagonal Shape on a Little Loom

How to Weave a Diagonal Shape on a Little Loom

Weave a Diagonal

Get Started Weaving on a Little LoomWeaving a diagonal shape isn't hard, but if you have never woven before you should check out the basics. For your first weaving lesson, go to my post How Begin Weaving Weaving on  Frame Loom.

Let's Dig Into Diagonals

For your first diagonal, it’s much easier if the two colors you use are the same kind of yarn. If one strand is thicker than the other, you’ll run into problems. Save that sort of creativity for later!


Here’s a diagram to show you the weave structure.

weaving a diagonal shape


Weave 2 rows of color A.

beginning of a diagonal weave


Weave one row to the right, but turn back on the second warp end in from the right.

Repeat, turning back on the third warp end in from the right.

Keep weaving this pattern, returning on the next warp thread in from the right.

weaving a diagonal shape


Once you finish weaving color A’s diagonal, weave color B in on top of color A...

weaving second color in a diagonal weave


until color B reaches the left side.

how to weave two diagonal shapes together


You can keep weaving these diagonal shapes, or you can turn them into triangle patterns.

How to weave  a triangle shape


Now you’re ready to try weaving diagonals with more than two colors. Have fun experimenting with color combinations and triangles!

Stay Tuned

On my next blog post, I'll teach you how to weave a circle.

How to Weave a Circle
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