Tiny Wooden Loom Kits

I love tiny things

My favorite thing was spending time with my father in his workshop, watching him build his model railroad, making all those buildings, cars, and people tiny and yet so real looking.

He let me make tiny things in his shop too. As long as I put the tools away when I was done.

And miniatures that would really function? Well, that was always the best.

That's pretty much how my tiny looms came to be 

Making something tiny and functional.

I had just gotten my sample pack of business cards, and one was really thick and durable. As I turned the card in my hand, I thought it looked just like a mini loom. So I wound some warp threads around it and tried a bit of weaving... and it worked! So I designed my card to look like a loom. Because it was one.

business cards as tiny looms

I decided to give the little looms away at Craftcation - a conference for makers. 

I wound warp around each card, gathered up some yarn scraps and tapestry needles, and made a bunch of kits.

I put the kits in little bags and gave them to anyone who was interested. 

tiny loom in plastic bag

Who doesn't love a freebie?

Since it was a conference for makers who sell their craft, they told me I should be selling the cute little kits. 

If I was going to sell them they had to be upgraded!

So I added a tiny muslin bag and decorated the box to match the color palette.

They turned out to be great stocking stuffers.

tiny loom kit

After I sold all the kits, I decided to upgrade again

I redesigned the looms, and now I have them laser cut from birch wood. I chose birch because it's strong and durable, and most important to me- it's sustainable.

After the looms are machine cut, I sand them and give them a coat of non-toxic Danish oil. 

 Then I wind the warp string around each loom - I look forward to this because I can listen to podcasts and zone out on my craft. I do love winding yarn.

Most of the yarns in my kits come from my personal, embarrassingly extensive stash.

winding the skeins for the tiny loom kits

Here's What You Get in the new Tiny Loom Kit

Tiny loom kit- what's inside

Each kit has a different theme and palette of yarn

NaturalsTiny loom natural yarn colors kit

Rainbowtiny Loom Kit Rainbow colors

Fruity FunTiny Loom Kit, fruity colors

Cactus CandyTiny Loom Kit blues and greens

I'm always adding more color themes 

click here to see them all!


Do you just want the Tiny Loom - no yarn?

Tiny wood loom kit

Learn how to weave with the tiny loom

Go to my video tutorials- Learn to Weave on the Tiny Loom