Weave a Tiny Christmas Tree

Whether you're a new weaver or you've been at it a while, you'll love this little kit.

It's the same as my other tiny loom kits, but this one's different. It's special because Christmas is special.

The tree is woven with metallic chenille, and the red background thread is pure silk.

The wood button makes it too cute, and the yellow silk bow is the easy finishing touch.

Christmas Tree weaving kit

So are you thinking it looks difficult?

I've created a set of videos to guide you through every... single... step.  The loom comes all strung up and ready to go, and you can weave it up in an afternoon - or maybe an evening by the fire.

Here's a video to show you what's in the box.



And here's the first lesson.


Click here to buy the kit  $35

Do you already have a Tiny Loom?

You can get the kit without the loom, too!

Click here to see the kit sans the loom.

Tiny Christmas Tree ornament on fruit wreath