How to Weave a Watermelon Tapestry

How to weave a tapestry on a little loom

I love the colors in watermelons, the way the rind goes from dark green to light, then that burst of beautiful red.  You’ve got to have those beautiful black seeds too. No seedless watermelons for me.

I was just going to try one little weaving to inspire you, but then one idea led to another, so here's three ideas for you!

First I was looking for a country sort of feel, so I picked out some denim colored yarn for the background.

I drew a “cartoon” of the watermelon shape to guide me and slipped it under the warp.

watemelon weaving on little loom


By the way, all of these weavings were done on the Lucy Loom.

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Acrylic little loom

Don't know how to weave yet?

Click here for your first lesson.

I experimented with different sizes of beads, and I liked these long bugle beads for this one.

I tried a more abstract look for my next watermelon weaving.

Here’s a close-up of the “seeds.”  I just randomly sewed in beads, I think I kinda got carried away… but that’s what great about being an artist, you can just act like you did it all on purpose. So just decide you’re an artist and do things on purpose.

Did that make sense?

Sure it did, I said it on purpose!

little loom weaving a watermelon

This one was meant to look like a watermelon cut through the center.

I controlled myself on the beads this time.

little loom weaving a watermelon

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