Make a Watermelon Coiled Mini Basket

mini coiled baskets, watermelom


red coiled mini basket in process

Once you learn the coiling technique, making this miniature basket is easy. If you don't know how to coil yet, this free course will teach you.


I used cotton embroidery floss for the green rinds.

The top basket used a thicker inner coil, so I thought the little black seed beads looked best on it.

The bottom basket was for my daughter, and she liked the long beads, I think she was right!

 I blended two shades of red floss - I like the mottled effect!

Here’s an inside look at the top basket, I sewed seed beads inside it too. 

I added a strand of red novelty rayon weaving yarn to the floss, the loopiness added a nice texture.



Here's a fun fiber art/jewelry project - make a watermelon necklace!

Use the same coiling technique to make a watermelon pendant. 

click here to learn how to make it

click here to see the kit