How to Weave a Bracelet on a Little Loom

It's easy to weave a bracelet 

- this one was made with yarn from the Jewel Tones Mini Yarn Skein.

What you'll need:

I wove this on my Annie Loom, and it winds eight threads per inch. I wound 10 threads, just a little over one inch wide.

Go here to learn how to wind the warp onto the Annie Loom.


Here's the chenille yarn I used.

rayon chenille yarn mini-skein jewel tones


I wove random strips of color - if you don't know how to weave yet, go here to learn to weave stripes like this.

little loom with bracelet in progress

How I started and ended the colors.

When I ended a color, I let the yarn hang down on the side and trimmed it to about one inch long. Then when I began the next color, I overlapped it on the previous row/color.

In the photo the red arrow is pointing to the finished strand, and the green arrow is pointing to the new strand. Notice how the were woven over and under the warp threads identically. Then they were packed down together.

When I'm weaving with yarns that aren't fuzzy like chenille, I splice the beginning and ending yarns together, or I weave them into the back of the finished piece.

But chenille lets the two yarn ends lay on top of each other nicely, and they look like one - it was so easy to just overlap them. 

Later on, I trimmed the hanging ends.  

starting a new color on chenille bracelet


When the weaving was finished, I wove in leather cord on each end to make the ends rigid. 

Chenille bracelet with leather cord woven in.


Then I cut the bracelet off the loom and tied the warp ends, using square knots. After tying the knots, I trimmed the leather cord.

chenille bracelet warp ends tied


I made two braids on one end of the bracelet, and sewed the warp ends into the back side on the other end.

chenille bracelet 

Here are the ends sewn in.


Then I knotted and trimmed each end. The knots blended into the chenille so I added a few arrows to help you see them.

ends knotted on back of bracelet


Using the sewing thead and needle, I sewed on the button.

Then fitted the two braided warp ends around the button and wrapped the sewing thread around to create a loop. I sewed the thread in place and trimmed the warp ends to create a fringe on the loop.

chenille handwoven bracelet with button


 All done!

 chenille bracelet