How to Weave Shapes on a Frame Loom

How to Weave Shapes on a Frame Loom


A Note for Beginners...

learn to weaveIt's not difficult to weave shapes, but if you have never woven before you should check out the basics. For your first weaving lesson, go to my post How Begin Weaving Weaving on  Frame Loom.
Weaving free-form shapes is kinda like making your own little puzzle.

Let's Start Weaving Shapes

Weave a few rows of any color.

Decide how wide you want your first shape to be and weave back and forth.

Begin to weave a shape on a frame loom.


I don’t really weave the shapes vertically loose like this, I just wanted to demonstrate my weaving path.

Weaving a shape on a frame loom


There are no solid rules in weaving shapes. On this piece, my shapes were woven narrow at the top, but you can weave your shapes however you like.

Weaving a shape on the frame loom


After you weave the two shapes, you can fill in between them with a new shape. Doesn't it feel like your putting puzzle pieces together?

As you introduce each shape, experiment a little to figure out the best over-under path to take.

Woven shapes on the loom.

Finish off the top with the same color you wove on the bottom rows.

weaving shapes on a frame loom

The more warp threads per inch, the finer the weave and the easier it is to weave intricate shapes. These were woven on the Lucy Loom that I sell, which has four warp threads per inch. If you'd like to weave more intricate shapes, the Annie Loom has eight warp threads per inch.

On my next blog post, I'll teach you how to weave rya knots.

weaving rya knots

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Learn to Weave on a Frame Loom Series

This post is part of a series of tutorials in which I teach you the basics of weaving on a simple frame loom. The techniques can be done on any size loom.

I'm using my Lucy Loom, click here to get one for yourself!


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These Lessons are in my Book! 

You never know where you might find yourself weaving.

In the park, under a tree, or maybe even up in the tree!

No worries, this little book will fit right into your project bag, so you can take it with you anywhere your heart desires. And you will be a happy weaver.

Little Loom Companion Book

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