The Search for the Perfect Scissors

I am constantly searching for two things.

The perfect glue - that will glue everything in this world and never turn color.

The perfect tiny scissors - that will cut the shortest bit of thread in the tightest of places.

Both are essential to life.

If made well, both can make a project easy and flawless.

The perfect glue is for another day because I have yet to find it. 

But I've found the perfect scissors. 

I've been collecting scissors all my life. 

If they were cute... I'd buy them. Here's a couple of my most recent finds.

cute scissors

Cute... but they don't work too great.

The polka-dotted ones chew up thread instead of cutting it,

and the stork scissors are always coming loose. I constantly have to tighten the screw that holds the blades together.

Then I discovered these scissors- 

Putford Miniature Scissors

I love them because they're sharp, small enough to fit into my weaving bag, and best of all they fit between my fingers, making them easy to cut with.

You can get them in my shop, and they're very nice scissors at a good price.

But if you really want to treat yourself

- or a friend - you need to try the Premax scissors.

Premax Scissors

 I bought them because they have a special fixture, instead of the screw, that keeps the blades forever snug. 

After I used them I found out they were the sharpest, most precise scissors in this whole wide world!

Yes, they cost more than the others, and they are worth it!

I don't get fancy coffee because I save my money for nice tools and equipment. This is one tool that's worth it, and really, is $28 that much to spend when you know it will make your creative life happy?

Buy Premax scissors

I think I'll probably still continue to buy cute little scissors, they look great in photos.😉

I still use my Putford scissors all the time, but my favorite scissors are the Premax. I kinda think they look like something from Star Trek. 

I gave my minimalist daughter a pair of them and at first, she didn't want one more thing to clutter her life. Now she loves them.

So there you go.

If you only want one pair of embroidery scissors, then the Premax is for you.