Tapestry Weaving with Fabric Strips

Tapestry Weaving with Fabric Strips

I grew up sewing and that's what drew me to weaving so many years ago. 

I'm just as happy in a fabric shop as a yarn shop. And I spend too much money in both places. 

Do you have a stash of fabric that's aching to try something new? Come on with me and use it up weaving a beautiful handwoven tapestry. 

Weaving with fabric is often called rag weaving, but I like to refer to it as fabric weaving. You can use fabric you've got on hand... or if you're as bad as me... rationalize buying more because it's just perfect for a weaving project.

I've woven fabric strips to make baby blankets, tablecloths, wall hangings, clothes, and yes, even rugs. I think my favorite is the wall hangings in which I weave the fabric strips into shapes, much like tapestry weaving. And that's what this tutorial series is all about!

Happy Watching and Happy Weaving!




Here's where you can purchase the loom I'm using in the videos.

Cactus Flower Loom, Cherry Creek Valley Farms

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Lorraine Cannell
Lorraine Cannell

September 02, 2019

Thank you. Really learnt a lot from these tutorials. Clearly explained so that I could understand. 🌺🐾🐝

Susan Robbins
Susan Robbins

August 23, 2019

This is a marvelous tutorial. Everything was very clearly explained and up beat and fun. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Sue

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