Annie Loom - Wooden Lap Loom

This little loom was made for portability. You can slip it into your purse or bag and take it with you wherever you go! No more finding yourself stranded with nothing to do.

The Annie Loom comes with the warp yarns all strung and ready to go, you can start weaving as soon as you open the box.

And if you need a little direction, check out my book Little Loom Companion. It has all the basics for a beginning weaver, and it's small enough to toss in with your loom. 

Here's what you get:

wood loom-  

5-1/2 inches wide

10 inches long

two wooden dowels

one wood tapestry needle

three steel tapestry needles

one muslin bag- to hold your weaving project

The loom has 8 notches per inch, we call that 8-dent. You can weave finer details on this loom than on the  Lucy Loom, which has 4 dents per inch.

All of the wooden items are made with sustainable birch.

Want to see how I make my little looms? Come visit my workshop.