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Annie Loom Seconds

This is the same small wood loom described in the Annie Loom Kit, it just didn't pass my final inspection - usually imperfections in the wood appearance.

Each loom has the same finish and is fully functional, there are no defects that would make them difficult to weave with. 

It's made with birch plywood and is 5.5 x 10 inches, with 8 notches per inch. It comes with two dowels as shown in the Annie Loom Kit.

The loom does not come with any warp (string yarn) wound on it, weaving needles, or bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lisa Anguish

You would never know that this loom is a "seconds"...I literally can't find anything wrong with it. I purchased this one as well as the tiny loom "seconds"...I'm extremely happy with both of them. It saved me money which allowed me to purchase the Mini Tapestry Beater and a Mini Yarn Skein. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend anything from Lucy and the Creativity Patch. Nicely done!!

Crystal Miller
Great deal

I haven’t tested it yet bit I’m sure it will work just fine since it is a second. Only thing I see is the form of a bobbin that wasn’t cut completely. Hope that is helpful.

Carole Dyer
Doesn't look like a second!

The loom is well made and I don't see anything wrong with it. Certainly nothing that would cause a problem while weaving. An excellent product.

Annie Loom

Have made an interesting landscape on my Annie Loom! Because of the size of the loom, it works up quickly and easily.....loved the packaging. So thoughtful and organic Too!