8/4 Cotton Warp Yarn - Small Cone - Natural and Colors

8/4 cotton warp yarn in natural. 100% cotton.

A great intro size!

This little cone has 75 yds (69 meters) so you can give different colors a try without a big investment.

natural - $4.00 

colors - $4.50

This is the perfect yarn to use as a warp on your little loom. It's the choice for many weavers because it's affordable and easy to weave.

What does warp mean? It's the yarn that we string onto the loom and it should be strong and smooth because it gets a lot of wear as you weave the weft yarn (weft yarn is the yarn that weaves back and forth across the loom).

You can also get the same yarn and colors on an 8 oz cone, click here to view the larger cone size.