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Mini Tapestry Beater

Here's a fun little tapestry beater you won't misplace because it hangs around your neck. 

The beater notches are spaced 8 per inch, and it works perfectly with the Annie Loom, Lucy Loom, and Tiny Loom.

Approx. 1-inch wide x 2-1/2 inches tall.  (2.5 cm wide x 6.5 cm tall)

The waxed cotton necklace cord is adjustable and removable too.

Made with birch wood - finished with danish oil and wax, it feels so nice in your hands!

It comes inside a cotton muslin carry bag - because you are, of course, very organized. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Lisa Anguish
Worth the Price

I purchased this little tool not really knowing if I would actually use it...I'm happy to say that I use it ALL THE TIME. It's the perfect size to use for both the Tiny Loom and the Annie Loom. Well worth the price and zero regrets about buying!

Mini Tapestry Beater

Love It....Makes the fine wool I am using just line up beautifully! Is there one for the plastic kids loom!

I'm glad you're enjoying the mini-beater! I don't made plastic beaters, but you certainly could use this one with the acrylic loom.
- Lucy

Linda T.
Mini Tapestry Beater

This item is perfect for my miniature (1:12 scale) weaving.

Rebecca M Monegan
A perfect Mini Tapestry Beater

I recently purchase a Tiny Loom Kit and a Mini Tapestry Beater. Lucy has created a package that will make you smile as you open your box and see the treasures inside. The Mini Tapestry Beater works beautiful and is beautiful! And I love the necklace concept to keep it right with you as you weave. I was so impressed by Lucy's products that I purchased one for a weaving friend and one for my daughter-in-law as her first loom.
-becky monegan


I've used this every time I've looked so far. and I especially love that it can be worn. it keeps it right at my fingertips. wonderful idea!