Little Loom Weaving Book

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If you're just learning to weave, here's the book for you. I guide you through all of the basic weaving techniques- from super easy to things that take a little practice.

After going through all the lessons, you'll have a solid foundation in weaving, and the confidence to dream up all kinds of new projects!

I made it small so you can easily slip it into your loom bag, and have it for reference any time you need it.

It comes with a red velveteen bag to keep it cozy and safe.

little loom weaving book for beginners

I have been working on a lap loom but I found the instructions with the loom on various weaving patterns not so good - got to the point of vertical stripes and just couldn't figure out the concept and by looking at your book I now know what I have done wrong - so I corrected my mistake and proceeded with the pattern.  I think your book is just wonderful - pictures are great and the explanations are very clear. I now feel confident to carry on. 

- Anonymous

Here's what's inside:

46 pages with detailed full-color photos and illustrations to guide you.


Prepare the Loom for Weaving

Begin to Weave     

Horizontal Stripes     

Vertical Stripes     






Rya Knots     

Cutting it off the loom

Finishing it up and preparing it to hang

I hope it brings you hours of happy weaving!

You can also get this as an e-book.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Dawn Proudfoot
Great little book!

Love the easy to see/read format. Small enough to easily keep with my weaving.

Stephen Sachnik
Says it all.

Great handy guide for the beginning weaver. Very nicely put together with good illustrations and descriptions.

Pamela Beech

Hello from Minnesota! I am grateful for your knowledge and experience with weaving. I received everything that I ordered. I am still studying weaving terms and watching YouTube videos to learn this wonderful craft. I can't wait to use my Little Loom Companion booklet. Thank you Lucy! ♥️👍♥️

First Class

I love this little hand bound companion.
From the correspondence after ordering to the care that is taken with the packaging, every detail is personalized when you order from The Creativity Patch.
The photos and verbiage in the, “My Little Loom Companion” are clear and concise and are absolutely inspirational for a beginning weaver like me.

Toni Mazzotta
Perfect little weaving book.

Excellent quick resource for everyone. Well designed and able to lay flat. Thank you!