Little Loom Weaving E-Book

This has the same content as the physical version - so if you live in distant lands from me, now you can get the book without paying for high shipping and import fees.

If you're just learning to weave, here's the book for you. I guide you through all of the basic weaving techniques- from super easy to things that take a little practice.

After going through all the lessons, you'll have a solid foundation in weaving, and the confidence to dream up all kinds of new projects!


I have been working on a lap loom but I found the instructions with the loom on various weaving patterns not so good - got to the point of vertical stripes and just couldn't figure out the concept and by looking at your book I now know what I have done wrong - so I corrected my mistake and proceeded with the pattern.  I think your book is just wonderful - pictures are great and the explanations are very clear. I now feel confident to carry on. 

- Anonymous

Here's what's inside:

46 pages with detailed full-color photos and illustrations to guide you.


Prepare the Loom for Weaving

Begin to Weave     

Horizontal Stripes     

Vertical Stripes     






Rya Knots     

Cutting it off the loom

Finishing it up and preparing it to hang

I hope it brings you hours of happy weaving!

Want to get it in the 3-D turn-the-pages form? 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dawn Proudfoot
Perfect gift!

I sent this to my friend for her birthday and she just loved it!!

Shula Mulenga

I really appreciate how clear the instructions are! The book has been very helpful as I teach myself how to weave.

Antonia M.
Small reference guide

We use this guide for all new weavers. Covers everything they need to get started. Thanks much!

Martin Wills
Great little book!

A great little book which is well illustrated and easy to understand.

Morag A.
Great informative book on tapestry weaving

It’s brilliant - very well laid out and pictures are really very helpful. So easy to understand the step by step guide.