Wood Hanger for Tapestry - 6.6 Inches Wide

Hedgehogs are right up there with kittens and puppies, how can you not love them? 

If you're a hedgehog person or know one - this hanger is for you!

Tie your weaving to the bottom bar, and it's ready for display.

To tell the truth, I cut these hangers out at the wrong size - so they won't work for any loom but the Tinka Loom, which weaves projects up to 8.5 inches wide.

View this design in 5 inches wide.


  • 6.6 inches wide
  • 3.25 inches tall
  • Holds a weaving 6 inches wide

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Handmade by me- the hangers are engraved and cut on my laser machine, sanded, rubbed with Danish oil, and finally waxed with natural paste wax.

Made with sustainable birch wood .125 (1/8) inch thick.

Wood grains come from nature - please expect slight variations in the hangers you receive.