Lucy Loom - Weaving Kit - Naturals

The cozy-soft naturals kit comes with the Lucy Loom all “warped-up” and ready to weave. There's enough yarn for at least two projects, and if you've never woven before, no worries! You can go here to learn all the basics to guide you.

Or even better, you can get my book


Weaving Book for beginners

Click here to check out the book!

It's small enough to carry with your Lucy Loom project, and it guides you through everything you need to know to create beautiful tapestries on your little loom.

I can't go anywhere without a project in my purse. It calms me when I find I have to wait in the Dr.'s office, in the car, or at a long event. I love my family but I never forget my little loom when it's time for a big get-together!

It's meditating... with your hands.

Here's what's inside the box:

loom- 5 x 7 inches

11 balls of wool yarn

a spool of warping thread 

one large acrylic weaving needle

two tapestry needles (inside a pretty little envelope)

A cotton muslin bag to carry it all in.

The Lucy Loom has 4 notches per inch, we call that 4-dent. This size is perfect for beginners- age 5 and up!

The box is made from recycled materials. And even though the loom comes with a carry bag, you'll want to keep the pretty box it came in!

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