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Lucy Loom - Little Acrylic Loom for Beginners

The Lucy Loom is “warped-up” and ready for its first project.

It has four notches per inch- that means that the threads are wound four per inch onto the loom.

Just slip the loom inside its cotton carry bag and you're ready to take it with you wherever you go.

Here's what's inside:

• acrylic loom- 5 x 7 inches

• two bodkin needles 2-7/8 long

• a bag to carry it all in

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Lana J Doyle
Little Loom for beginners

I love the little loom and also the Lucy Loom. I am new to weaving and this is the perfect place to start my adventure. Thank you!

Toni Macomb
So Fun!

Fun packaging and fun loom to play with. I've used with fabric strips of different widths and also yarn. Being a beginner I'm still watching videos to improve. My biggest challenge has been to not pull the warp threads out of shape. Like anything else practice makes perfect!

Rickie Newell
I Love Lucy!

Such a great little loom. The packaging was beautiful, and the loom works so well for small projects. I can't wait for road trip, so I can cruise along in the passenger seat with a weaving project.

Diana G.
Love my Lucy Loom!

I am very happy with my Lucy Loom. Loved to packaging! Will definitely order and recommend. Thank you :)
Diana Garino

Nathalie H.
Lucy Loom

Loved my new Lucy Loom... the way it was marketed, the packaging, the directions were all first rate.