I'm going to be teaching at the Flagstaff Wool Festival, May 30-31, 2020

Pioneer Historical Museum, Flagstaff, Arizona

I'll be teaching three classes:

Intro to Weaving

Full-day class covering tapestry weaving basics.

Beginning Tapestry Class


student weaving

Weaving Doodles

Half-day class that introduces weaving on a fun miniature loom.

Mini Weaving 

Watermelon Pendant

Half-day class - just in time for summer! You'll make a fun watermelon pendant using coiled basketry techniques.

Watermelon necklace coiled basketry

watermelon pendant coiled basketry technique

It was a bunch of fun teaching at Arizona Fiber Arts Retreat this year

Coiled Basketry 

I taught making miniature coiled baskets this year, January 18.

Click here to watch my tutorial series on how to make a tiny coiled basket.

Basket Class