Lucy Loom Weaving Kit - Pretty Pinks

This is the perfect gift to introduce kids to weaving. The yarns are soft, cozy, and easy to work with, and the colors are just so fun! 

They can start weaving right away, the loom comes all strung up and ready for their first project. 

* You'll receive a link to download my kid-friendly weaving directions. It makes it easy and fun to learn to weave with lots of photos to help understand the details.

I used to teach kindergarten and every year I'd teach my kids to weave on a loom just like this, so it's a good choice for kids 5 and up.

The loom has 4 notches per inch, this is perfect for simple weaving.

What's included:

5 x 7-inch acrylic loom one large plastic weaving needle

two tapestry needles (inside a pretty little envelope)

one cotton muslin bag

3.5 oz of acrylic yarn

.5 oz cotton warp yarn

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