Happy Weaver Washi Tape

$ 4.50

For a limited time, I'll give you a free roll with any order $50 or more. Just because we all need some happiness.

Here's the perfect gift for your favorite weaver!  😊

What is washi tape?

It's pretty and it's useful

You can use it to decorate cards and stationery. It can hold a strand of yarn in place on your loom, and I use it to decorate the boxes for all of my weaving kits.

I even decorated my entire file cabinet with strips of washi tape.

Really, it's just plain old fun!

The artwork is by me, and I hope you have a bunch of fun with it!

25mm wide x 10m long

(approximately 1 in wide x 11 yards long)


Here's another original design!

 Happy Meadow Washi Tape

happy meadow washi tape