Washi Tape for Weavers

Washi Tape for Weavers

I can hardly believe that three years ago, I didn't know what washi tape was!

I had just made a new friend who makes all kinds of paper crafts, and she introduced me to the washi world. 

wa - shi

wa means Japanese and shi means paper


In Japan, they call washi tape masking tape. Washi tape is masking tape made of rice paper, so it's beautifully translucent and strong... and it's repositionable. 

It was invented in 2006, and since then thousands of beautiful designs have been created.

For me, it's as dangerous as yarn- very addicting.

Yep, I've got a sizable washi tape stash, and I  love every roll I own...


I wanted something special to embellish the boxes for my yarn kits.


So I designed the perfect washi tape for weavers. It's got all our favorites!

Washi tape for weavers


I use it to embellish the boxes for the weaving kits,


and I had extra rolls made so you could have some too! 

It's your

Happy Weaver Washi Tape

click here to see it in the shop.

weaver's washi tape


I couldn't stop with just one!

I created another washi tape for the Weave the World - Meadows weaving kit.

Happy Meadow Washi Tape

click here to see it in the shop


This time I asked my daughter to help me, I love her flowers.



washi tape for weavers


washi tape and weaver's shuttle


3 Responses


June 07, 2019

Thanks for explaining a bit about washi tape: is it acid-free adhesive?


June 03, 2019

I can relate to the hot day, Annie, and I’m so glad the washi tape made it a little better! 😎


June 03, 2019

Yesterday began with high humidity and an a/c that wasn’t working. I felt like melting totally. Then I opened a lovely small box and ZOWIE!! There were the Washi’s smiling at me. I smiled right back and hardly stopped smiling all day.

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